Lip Rehab Treatment is designed to dissolve and correct existing or migrated dermal fillers, allowing you to achieve a fresh and natural appearance.

The process involves the injection of Hyaluronidase (Hyalase), a concentrated enzyme that occurs naturally in the body, near the filler. This enzyme breaks down the filler, expediting the dissolving process.

Before undergoing the treatment, a consultation with Nurse Carla is required to determine suitability. Additionally, a skin patch test is performed to assess any potential reactions. If the patch test shows swelling, itchiness, or redness, the treatment will not proceed. However, if there is no reaction, the treatment can be administered.

Individuals with a known allergy to bee stings should be aware that they have an increased risk of being allergic to Hyaluronidase. Therefore, treatment with Hyaluronidase is generally discouraged unless there is a case of Vascular Occlusion, and the potential benefits of the treatment significantly outweigh the associated risks.

To ensure your comfort, a topical anaesthetic is applied before a series of injections are administered to the area where the filler has been placed. The filler will gradually break down, and a thorough massage of the area is performed to further aid in its breakdown. Over the following 24 hours, the filler continues to dissolve.

In some cases, a second treatment may be necessary a few days after the initial session. It’s important to wait at least two weeks before refilling the lips to ensure that the new filler remains intact and is not affected by the dissolving process.

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